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Kelly Moore

Kelly Moore

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Current job: Park Ranger/Marine Ecologist/Park Dive Officer at Channel Islands National Park

What life experiences may have led you to a career in STEM?

I grew up on a tiny island off the coast of Southern California called Santa Catalina Island. As a child, my brother and I spent all our free time in the ocean around our island home. We dived, snorkeled, fished, operated boats, and water-skied from about the time we started walking. That is where my love for the environment, particularly the ocean environment, was born. I always knew I felt a deep connection to the ocean and from an early age felt a strong desire to preserve and protect it. I also knew I needed to understand it better, so I knew I needed to focus my academics on STEM studies.

What are some fun and interesting facts about your life with which students might identify? 

Just because my career is in the STEM fields, doesn’t mean that math and science came easy to me! I had to work extra hard in school to keep up with other students. The hard work paid off once I found myself in this rewarding career. It was all worth it!

What other other things should students know about you?

I go home each day feeling good about the work that I do. I know I am contributing something positive to my community, my country, and (this could be a stretch, but I believe it!) the world. Good planets are hard to find. I hope you decide to join me in taking care of the one we have.