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Justin Klein

Software engineer and developer, gamer, programmer

Current job: Software developer for Health2047

How did you end up in your current career?

I was in a pretty catastrophic car accident and broke my neck, so I was at home and I wasn’t able to do physical labor. At the time I was working as a lifeguard manager and running a waterpark. I couldn’t do that work, but I could work on my computer and code.

What experience as a kid led you to STEM?

I always liked taking apart hand-held games. I found tech was a different way to explore different areas of art and do things you couldn’t do with traditional mediums.

My stepfather Ian got me a soldering kit, and I made myself some circuit boards with LED lights, making some small games.

I learned to code a little bit because of my fascination with video games, and started to do graphic design and art using computers.

What advice would give your younger self?

First, learn new things and try something new, that’s going to be a first big step. But if you can, take that talent, passion or ability and find a community that does it.

Also, try to find a mentor. Don’t just pull a mentor who is successful, pull a mentor who has similar passions, similar aims and has gotten to a place where you would like to go to.