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Julio Almazan

Julio Almazan

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Current job: Scientist at Eurofins Lancaster Labs

What life experiences may have led you to a career in STEM?
Reading the ingredients list of any item and wondering what everything really was. My parents bought me a toy microscope when I was 6 years old. I had a high school chemistry teacher show me respect as a student, so I did the same to him and I feel like everything he taught stuck with me.

What are some fun and interesting facts about your life with which students might identify? 

I love going to Dodgers games; I grew up playing baseball. I had long hair growing up because I liked rock/metal music and learned to play guitar and drums. I like hanging out at the beach with my friends and family. My favorite food are tacos!

What other other things should students know about you?

My daughter is 10 years old and now I get to play baseball with her! I love traveling and seeing new places, especially places that are cold. I am currently learning to play tennis and the piano.